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+- Fly Far Away With Me - +- Fly Far Away With Me -

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You are a great artist, with much potential. :)

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AikaMusic responds:

Thanks, hopefully I can make more stuff :P

Metal Gear Solid - Opening Metal Gear Solid - Opening

Rated 2 / 5 stars


I am one of the biggest metal gear solid fans out there, and im sorry, but this dosent sound anything like "the best is yet to come" and i sometimes have the origianal on loop on my ipod. im sorry, but im going to have to give it a 4...

strike911 responds:

This is a rearrangement according to my style. I could never copy the original song exactly, nor would I want to: I love the original track. That said, like any number of other artists do, I've put my own spin on the song. To try and listen to this song with the view that I'm attempting to mimic the track is just plain wrong. This is a rearrangement. And when you say it sounds nothing like it, that isn't necessarily accurate either. I've used the same melody structure (sans vocals). I appreciate your review, however, I don't think you're listening to the song as it was intended. I'm not a mimic. I am my own individual that enjoys paying homage to older video game tracks by putting my own spin on them. Again, I appreciate your review, though I feel your statement "this doesn't sound anything like [the track]" is fundamentally wrong, as I listened to the original song note by note to to carefully copy the melody. Thanks.

Unnamed - Japillow Unnamed - Japillow

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Its a very good loop but...

I suggest that you work on the end so it goes with the beginning if its a loop instead of it just turning of at the end. just a though. ;)

Japillow responds:

Yeah, I just called this a loop because it was way too short to be a song lol. Thank you for the review!